Briana Rambo creates fairytale and unworldly images for women to step out of their day-to-day to embrace their inner selves. 
With over ten years of experience in Photography, hair, makeup, and set design, not a day goes by when I do not love what I do. However, whether it was natural light, studio strobes, building sets, or being crafty, I always needed help with having my own space. I constantly had to use what I had available, shooting outdoors, home studio, and in clients' homes. That is a long time of shooting to limit my creativity to just using what I can. So when the opportunity presented itself to get together with two other artists struggling with the same thing, I knew we had to go for it. 
Now I will have a space to reach my potential and create images to showcase women fully. I will also be able to achieve my goal of teaching the skills I have picked up and studied in a professional and private environment. 

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