January 29th 2023 

We have many plans for the new upcoming year! With our brand new studio opening up on January 1st, we wanted to do something big. Memorable not only for us but for photographers, makeup artists, hair artists, and models. We have a professional space now, but many new upgrades to how we capture the event: new lighting tech, better videos, and more organized shooting plans. Every year we get better. 
We are very excited to meet new people and see some old faces. 

With the year's first event, we wanted to create an extravagant wardrobe, props, set, BTS video, and UNREAL photos. There will be two sets, so let's get to the breakdown! 
CASTING/ Buy ins:
We have every detail ready for your arrival. All you have to do is show up! Read more details below!
-Three models : Buy in $250
-Five Photographers :Buy In $250
-2/3 Makeup Artists: Buy in $50
-2/3 Hair artists: Buy in $50
-Videographer (No editing/with experience): Buy in $0

Set 1: Heaven Set
The first event is where we will make whole sets of wings, head-to-toe costumes, and painted backdrops. .
-Big Wings
-Moody backdrop
-Nude sheer bodysuit with feathers
Reference image Pulled from Pinterest (Right)

Set 2: Hell Set
Feathers, rhinestones, wings and 
jewelry chains, this will be an amazing handcrafted set!
-Hellish backdrop
-Sand pit
-Nude sheer bodysuit with feathers

Reference image by Mario Eugnell Winston (Left)

Photographers: Experienced, new, busy schedule. Show up to all of the details already handled to a friendly team ready to help pose your models, get the creative juices flowing, assist with your shots and of course capture an exciting set! We look forward to seeing your rendition and style of the theme! And so do our models!
5 edited images required for each model!  
Models: Show up, your wardrobe, hair and makeup will be handled and look forward to modeling an awesome set with images by multiple photographers! Which means lots of unique images in different styles! 5 images per photographer for each model! With this event we have over 5 photographers! 

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