Stylized Photoshoot Event Series

Our team dreams up the concepts and themes, casts the models, styles wardrobe and handles hair & make up. We coordinate location/venue and build and create intricate sets. We handle all of the important details leading up to and day of, so you never have to. We also provide refreshments. Our events feature between one to three models, and three to seven photographers. Everyone has plenty of opportunity to shoot the maximum out of each event and we encourage an environment of creativity and artistic vision. #createtogether 
Photographers: Experienced, new, busy schedule. Show up to all of the details already handled to a friendly team ready to help pose your models, get the creative juices flowing, assist with your shots and of course capture an exciting set! We look forward to seeing your rendition and style of the theme! And so do our models! 
Models: Show up, your wardrobe, hair and makeup will be handled and look forward to modeling an awesome set with images by multiple photographers! Which means lots of unique images in different styles!

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